Welcome to the Okefenokee Area! What is the Okefenokee Area? A place for a great new business location, with a skilled work force, low cost of living, safe neighborhoods, abundant water, and just beautiful countryside.

Where is the Okefenokee Area?
The Okefenokee Area is located in the heart of Southeast Georgia, approximately 4.5 hours south of Atlanta and 1.5 hours north of Jacksonville, Florida. With a superior highway system, as well as access to three deep water ports, the Jacksonville International Airport and the CSX rail network, it is easy to see why our community is an excellent location for any business.

The Okefenokee Development Authority is a fully funded regional development organization consisting of Ware and Pierce counties. Together, our region has a population of nearly 170,000 with a work force of more than 62,000. With a local and state government that are known for strong pro-business attitudes, such as infrastructure support, tax incentives, and state-sponsored employee training assistance, your business will have the resources it needs to succeed in today’s global market. Our location, quality of life, diverse business climate, and skilled work force make us one of the states best kept secrets

Travel, Entertainment and Investment

In okefenokee have around 200000 toursits each year, people quite love evironment in okefenokee, A lot hotels famous in okefenokee and in hotel have a lot kind of service for people can relax such as swimming pool, gym room, and special is about casino. In okefenokee people quite love casino and they usually play casino to earn money, some popular games about casino there are blackjack, poker, baccarat, casino online is growing in Okefenokee because some country in asian is investing to Okefenokee such as Malaysia, China, Thailand. Malaysia have already opened some casino online website in okefenokee to service tourism and people in here, This service can bring a lot benefit for gorverment and invester. General in Okefenokee is a good area for tourists.