Local School System
Our community is dedicated to education. The location of three colleges and five technical institutes within a one hour drive creates an environment conducive to learning. Local students enjoy the benefits of newly constructed schools with all the latest instructional technologies. Our standardized testing consistently ranks at or above state average, and students are often recognized at the district, state, national, and international levels. Educational highlights and innovations include 8 of the 12 area schools being recognized as Georgia Public Schools of Excellence. Education is one of our top priorities.

Area pre-schoolers are served at the highly acclaimed DAFFODIL preschool center which former first lady Rosalyn Carter called, “a model for the entire country.” Local students are presented with educational opportunities that not only challenge, but also ready our children to enter today’s technical work force.

K through 12
K – 12 students enjoy the benefits of newly constructed schools with all the latest instructional technologies. Area schools use cutting edge teaching techniques, such as micro-societies, outdoor classrooms and magnet schools, after school tutorial programs, comprehensive special education programs, and a Georgia Career Information Center, to make sure all our children receive a quality education. Of the 12 schools in our local systems, 8 have been named Georgia Schools of Excellence. The Okefenokee Consortium’s Tech Prep program allows area high school to earn post-secondary credits on the high school campus. An alternative education program serves students who have experienced some difficulty in the typical school setting.

Post-Secondary Education
The location of Waycross College, Okefenokee Technical Institute, and excellent local school systems creates wonderful educational opportunities and future labor pools. Citizens in the Okefenokee Area are serious about education and the benefits reaped from top-notch educational opportunities.

Elementary Schools
Center Elementary | Memorial Drive Elementary | Ruskin Elementary | Wacona Elementary
Waresboro Elementary | Williams Heights Elementary | Patterson Elementary | Blackshear Elementary

Middle Schools
Waycross Middle | Ware Middle | Pierce Co. Middle

Secondary Schools
Ware County High | Ware County School of Agriculture | Pierce County High