Recent information from the Georgia Department of Labor indicates that our region has a versatile, highly skilled work force of more than 62,000. Because of the small geographic size of Georgia’s counties, commuting across county lines for employment is common place.

New and existing employers enjoy the benefits higher education has to offer. Located in Waycross are two centers of higher learning: Waycross College and Okefenokee Technical Institute. The citizens of the Okefenokee Area are firm believers in the adage that an educated work force is a productive work force.

Georgia’s Quick Start Program offers industry specific training FREE of charge for companies locating or expanding in Georgia. These free training programs are offered statewide through local technical institutes. Okefenokee Technical Institute, located in Waycross, currently offers Quick Start Training for any employer meeting the above mentioned criteria through its Business and Industry Division. The State of Georgia also offers tax credits for additional or continued training to new and existing businesses.

In addition to being well-trained and educable, our work force provides a cost-effective advantage over other areas of the state and the country. Due to the low cost of living, local wage rates are typically below the state and national average for comparable jobs.